Crisis Center

(888) 829-1249

31 E. Armat Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Youth experiencing homelessness may dream of finding a job and achieving stability, but without food, a shower, clean clothes, and a warm bed in a safe place, it can be nearly impossible to achieve that dream. Our goal at the Crisis Center is to provide our kids with those basic needs so that they can take the next step towards stability and success.

Our Crisis Center is open 24/7/365 and houses 51 youth each night. We welcome any youth without question or cost. All too often, programs have eligibility requirements that can require youth to meet several rigid criteria, and, if a youth does not, the program must turn that youth away. At Covenant House, one of our core principles is Open Intake, which means that we do not have eligibility criteria. When a youth first comes to our door, no matter the time of day, we invite them in and ask: “Are you hungry?”

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