Pastoral Ministry


The mission of Covenant House calls us to serve, protect, and safeguard all of God’s children and to be a sign of God’s presence to those children. To that end, Covenant House is committed to caring for our youth in a holistic way; we recognize that the spirit is a significant part of each of us in need of love, respect, and healing. Because we welcome youth without condition, Pastoral Ministry services are strictly voluntary and support only those youth who express interest in faith and spirituality.

The Pastoral Ministry Department is focused on the spiritual and religious aspects of our youth and staff. Youth come to discuss issues related to God and the church of their calling, and we work to ensure they have the basic needs for their worship (Bibles, Qu’rans, etc.), and provide space for learning new skills in prayer, meditation, and coping. Pastoral Ministry also works to provide outlets for expression of faith through art, movie discussions, prayer services, and overnight retreats. Each of these experiences can help a youth utilize their voice around God, their own identity, and their place in the world. Some of our youth come to the Covenant House with a great degree of pain focused toward or around God, and it is a tremendous gift to hear their story and watch their faith transform.

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