Rights of Passage


rop building

Our Rights of Passage building, on the site of the original drop-in center

Covenant House Rights of Passage (ROP) helps our youth cross the bridge to independence. The goal of ROP is to assist our youth in creating a structure for their life that promotes self-sufficiency through education and employment.

At ROP, we host regular life skills classes such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and time management, in which our youth learn skills needed for independence. Monthly community service helps our youth internalize the importance of giving back to the community and meeting new people. We require all of our youth to make savings deposits to teach fiscal discipline, and we require our youth to pay rent monthly so they learn how to stretch their earnings while paying housing costs. But, at the end of the program, we return 100% of their “rent” so that they can use those funds for security deposits, rent, furniture and other things needed for their new home!
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